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WIP Low Income Ticket Program

Free Flow Dance Theatre Company is pleased to announce the Free Low Income Ticket Program for our 2018 Works In Progress (WIP) new dance series. This program is open to people of all ages and backgrounds who wish to attend the WIP. There are a limited number of tickets available for each performance. These tickets are intended for participants who would not be able to attend without considerable financial assistance. All applicants will be considered for FREE admission on a first-come, first-served basis and may be eligible for the following WIP showings: June 16, September 22 or the Winter Gala (date TBA).

The WIP Series presents in studio showing of works in progress and culminates in an annual showing of finished works. This series is designed to provide a venue for both emerging and professional choreographers who are working in the area of contemporary and experimental choreography and is open to all artists working in this vein in both the province of Saskatchewan and across Canada. Audience members play a pivotal role to the choreographers by providing valuable feedback that are instrumental to the further development of their works.

Application Guidelines:

Download the Applicaton Form here:
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